No previous dance or fitness required! 

Our beginners class is for complete newbies- those that have no prior experience pole dancing, or for those wanting to go over the basics again. Our beginner classes are designed to teach you the basics of pole and to slowly but surely boost your strength, confidence and flexibility. Basic tricks and dance moves are broken down, put together into a routine and practiced in this class. We reccomend students stay at this level for at least 8 weeks.

Our intermediate class is for those that have the basics down pat. By now, you will have gained a fair amount of flexibility and strength by this point and you will be feeling better than ever! In intermediate you will learn some harder dance moves and pole tricks and really start to put them all together. You are encouraged to really develop your own style from this point forward. If you have danced before and need to revisit the basics, this is a great class for that. Your strength and confidence will be starting to really develop and some extra style is added. As with all pole classes, moves taught in class are put together into a routine. 


High Intermediate 

It can even take some time more time to get to a high intermediate level and that's completely normal! You will need to be comfortable going upside down to progress to this point. (remember, practice makes perfect!)

By now you are totally addicted ! In intermediate, we learn how to go upside down! We learn some harder, stunning pole tricks and some flow and dance. You will have gained a fair amount of flexibility and strength by this point and you will be feeling better than ever!  We again, combine them all together into a routine. 

Private Lessons, Casual Lessons and Advanced Classes

Advanced Classes~ Advanced classes are run on demand. Send us a message if you would like more information!

Private Lessons~ Private lessons are available - $40 per person per hour. Private lessons are great if you want to progress quickly or learn specific skills. All private lessons come with a personalised lesson plan, tailored to you!

Casual Students~ Casual students are welcome! $25 per person per class.

Kids pole is open to children under the age of 13. Kids pole is aimed to help children develop strength, flexibility, fluidity of movement and it is a super fun, unique way to get the kids moving. Kids classes are split into 2 separate portions, the first being a warm up and pole tricks and dance, your child will learn to safely climb the pole and use their strength and body weight, and put it all togther to some music and the other portion is focused on stretch and conditioning.  If you would like some more information or you have any questions please feel free to send an email to

There are 2 levels of kids pole classes, one and two. One for newer children and two for the more experienced.

Kids Pole

Please Note

All classes are planned out and run to a high standard to help ensure all of our students remain safe.

All classes start with a warm-up, include some conditioning exercises, an in-depth breakdown of tricks and choreography and a cool down at the end.

Nervous about starting pole? We have put together some FAQ's and all you need to know to get started in our ultimate beginners guide on our blog, which you can find here, along with all sorts of other info you might find helpful! Please also check it out to read about what we are doing to adhere to covid restrictions.

Kids classes: Kid's classes have had some changes ! Due to current covid-19 restrictions, unlike the previous structure where classes overlap, classes will run as their own separate hour class ! (Extra time has been added on all classes for cleaning purposes).

Kids are encouraged to wear a leotard with or without bike shorts, but if they are comfortable and they can move freely that's all that matters!

If you have any more questions or concerns please feel free to contact us!

Other Classes

Stretch and Flex is recommended to be taken alongside a pole class or even on it's own. Focusing on strength and conditioning, it will help you feel better mentally by giving our minds a break from the stressors of daily life, it helps, release tension, helps prevent injury, relieves stress, increases flexibility and joint movement and make you feel amazing, all among a group of other amazing people!


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