Nadine Amanda

Owner - Pole Dance Instructor - Competitive Performer



When you see pink, you know Nadine has arrived! Her favourite colour is pink, her hair will tell you that, most of her things are pink, and if you can add sparkles? To her that's even better!

Nadine started pole dancing in 2016, like many others, she became obsessed as soon as she took her first class. Her first class was actually at Vertical Angels in Narrabri! 

Training tirelessly, always pushing to be the best she possibly could, she discovered her true passion for pole. She has been a finalist in some of Australia's biggest pole competitions, she has taken classes with some of the biggest names in the industry, and she also has big goals moving forward.

An opportunity arose to run vertical angels, and she couldn't say no! Having little dance experience before pole, she likes to say she looked like an awkward flamingo when she first started, but it is living proof that anyone can learn to feel amazing and confident in their skin! My ultimate goal is to help you get there too! 

She has watched pole change many lives, and she has felt it herself. Laughter, strength, confidence, amazing friendships and incredible experiences are just some of the few things that pole has given Nadine, it is her true passion in life, and now she wants to share it with everyone around her!

Follow her personal Instagram account @nadine.amanda.poledancer for loads of extra dance inspo and content! She can't wait to see you in class!





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