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Covid-19 Updates, Policies and Procedures.

Here at Vertical Angels - We care about everyone's safety, it is our number one priority!

We are situated in a gym, so please keep that in mind for the moment when attending classes.

We have also put some new policies and procedures in place to ensure everyone can be as safe as possible.

Before Class:

First of all, we will be checking temperatures of anyone coming in, using a touch-free thermometer. We will also be asking everyone to sign in and out as they come and go. We ask that anyone that feels unwell in anyway to please stay home. Catch-up classes will be run for these people. Please just ensure you send us a message to let us know. Anyone observed to have any kind of symptoms will be asked to go home. This is to ensure that everyone stays safe.

During Class:

You will notice we have taped off squares around the floor. You will be given a clean hand towel at the beginning of every lesson. I will be asking everyone to clean their entire area (you will be shown how to) before and after classes. During all classes we will be asking everyone to stay within the square they choose, to ensure social distancing.

The instructor will have their own pole and space to demonstrate to ensure things run smoothly and remain clean.

Spotting at the moment is not permitted, however I have added extra time onto classes to explain policies and to ensure everything is done properly and so we can work around this. We do have safety mat as well.

After Class:

As mentioned above, we ask all students to clean their entire area including mats and any equipment used once they have finished their class, and there will be a designated basket to place your hand towels in so they can be washed, sanitised and dried.

You will be updated on information if and when it changes, we appreciate everyone's understanding and compliance. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

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