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Ultimate Beginners Guide

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Never tried pole dancing? Not quite sure what to expect ? Never fear ! We have all the info you might need right here.

Frequently asked questions.

  • Do I need any prior fitness or experience?

No! Classes will teach you everything you need to build your strength, stamina and overall fitness with planned conditioning portions in every class. All you need to do is enrol in Beginner 1 classes!

  • What should I wear?

Anything comfortable. The more skin you have exposed, the better you can stick to the pole, however, this tends to matter more the longer you dance so to start off - you can wear whatever is comfortable for you! Knee pads and heels are recommended, but again totally optional, and especially for your first few classes. Read more on reccomended polewear and shoes below. The most important thing to remember here is we don't judge!

  • What should I expect for my first class?

Expect to slip off the pole more than you can hold on. But that's where we all started so that's how we know! A little bit of time and persistence and you'll be flying in no time! You can expect to start with a warm-up, learn some basic moves, slowly put them together into a routine and practice them.

  • What should I expect after my first class?

After your first class, you may feel quite sore for a few days afterwards - don't worry! this is completely normal, this will ease over time - you will notice a small improvements after every class if you take them regularly! Minor bruises are common and completely normal- these will also ease over time.

  • How many classes should I do?

I personally recommend starting out with at least 2 separate classes a week, a stretch class, and a pole class, leaving enough space in-between classes to let your body heal or doing one after the other. This will help you progress in both strength and flexibility as best you can.

What to bring to class. An outfit- Something comfortable that you can move in! A water bottle. A small towel. Your own mat if you have one. Your phone with memory to record videos. And anything else you want to bring, grip, shoes, kneepads, check out our other blog post for our list of personal recommendations!

Dress warmly for the first part of your class in winter, this will not only help your flexibility but it will reduce your risk of injuring yourself.

I think the most important tip when it comes to dancing - get ready to have heaps of fun!

Persistence and consistency is key when it comes to pole - and don't forget we are here to help!

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